Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Kid

The perfect Christmas gift for your child is a gift that keeps giving. Toys may break, cookies get digested but when you give a child a book for Christmas, you’re actually giving them so much more. Books develop and nourish your kids’ imaginations, expanding their worlds. As a little child I loved reading stories and picture books because they inspired me to dream and think beyond time and place..

When you think about your favorite childhood book, what comes to mind? You may see a little boy who loved to sing with his friends. Maybe you see your favorite characters or other-worldly settings. The illustrations of a picture book can be enchanting, fun, and inspiring. They can tell a story of their own. Many of us remember picture books as the books that made us first fall in love with reading. At least I do. Children love art. Why do you think they spend so much time coloring, drawing and doing crafts? Whatever the reason children are drawn towards a book, it’s a means to get them to read.

Books will also help you build a greater bond with your kid, as it encourages conversations. The images and words in a book can also encourage your child to learn colours, numbers and many more. Interestingly, research has shown that parents who read to their children more have an advantage in school versa parents who read less to their children. When you give a book as a gift, you invest in the future of a child! Good books last for a long time and can be enjoyed over and over again.Reading is an important life-skill, probably more important than most of us realise. Give a child a wonderful book and you’re helping to encourage him to love books and reading. In fact, you’re giving him the gift of reading and it’s a gift for life. Toys can be outgrown, forgotten, lost or broken but stories will never leave our hearts.

Now that you are thinking of the perfect Christmas gift. How about a gift that keeps on giving?

What’s the Christmas gift that keeps on giving? “The Girl Who Found Her Smile” is a story that keeps your children entertained and saves you from endless reminders begging them to brush their teeth! Available on Book Depository (Free Delivery Worldwide), Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Otto bookstore, Take a lot and most major online bookstores worldwide… For every one book you buy, a child in rural and vulnerable communities get one book for free. Order now to get it before Christmas

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