Bari and His Big Teeth

Once upon a time, in the small village of Mambu, there lived a boy named Bari. Bari was just like any other boy his age, except for one thing. He had the funniest teeth in the village. They were big, crooked and they stuck out of his mouth in all directions.

Bari was very self-conscious of his teeth and  would often try to hide his smile because he thought people would make fun of him. Being different made him sad, he wanted to be like everyone else. 

One day, Bari was riding his bicycle to the village square when he heard a commotion. He parked his bicycle along the road and went to see what was going on. He saw a group of funny men performing in an empty field, it looked like the circus He had seen in his school books. Bari loved circuses and he was very excited to see something similar in his village. Then he spotted one man that looked a lot like a clown. He was especially excited to see the clowns. As Bari watched him, he noticed that he had big, crooked teeth just like his. But this man was smiling, laughing and making everyone laugh. Bari was amazed. He had never seen anyone with teeth like his before.

After the performance was over, Bari went up to the man and asked him, “How come you have funny teeth like mine?” The man smiled at Bari and said, “Well, my dear boy, our funny teeth are what make us both special. They’re what make us unique and make us stand out from everyone else. And most importantly, they bring joy and laughter to people’s faces.”

Bari was amazed. He had never thought of his teeth as special before. He thought that his funny teeth were something to be ashamed of, but now he realized that they were something to be proud of.

From that day on, Bari started to take care of his teeth. He brushed them every day, he went to the dentist regularly, and he even started eating healthier foods. He also started smiling and laughing more. Bari was happy, and people around him were happy too.

Bari’s self-esteem improved, and he became known as the boy with the funniest teeth in the village. People would come to him to see his teeth and to hear him laugh. Bari was happy that he had something that made him special and that his teeth made people happy.

Years went by, and Bari grew up to be a performer  just like the one he had met in his village. He traveled the world, making people laugh and spreading joy wherever he went. Bari never forgot the lessons he learned about self-esteem and taking care of his teeth. He always made sure to brush and floss his teeth, and he encouraged others to do the same.

Bari’s funny teeth became his trademark, and he was loved by people everywhere he went. He proved that what makes us different, can also be what makes us special and loved.

The end.

Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t be ashamed of your differences, embrace them and make them special.
  2. Taking care of your teeth is important for your overall health and self-esteem.
  3. A smile and laughter can bring joy to others and improve your own happiness.

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